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It all starts with thinking about getting a coach.

Those first moments. You know them. They come out of the blue, but they are there. Those thoughts, nagging at you. I REALLY NEED A LIFE (PERSONAL, EXECUTIVE, TRANSFORMATION) COACH! I know… I’ve been through that stage.

You’ve got mixed feelings:

Excitement. Motivation!

You picture yourself as a successful entrepreneur. Or see yourself so happy in that amazing, healthy relationship. So, you believe that finding a coach is all you need to make that happen. But as soon as you start thinking about what you need to do, your feelings change.

You develop:

Confusion. Fear. Overwhelm.

You feel stuck, and probably a bit defeated. Maybe a little scared. “What do I have to share with this person? I’m not even sure I want to share any details. Never mind, I’ll figure it out on my own.” Sound familiar?


I decided to write this blog post specifically for you.

More thinking, less doing.

When you’re thinking about getting any sort of life coach, there’s a lot to consider — is the coach or agency reputable, what reviews do they have, what’s the cost, how much time will it take, what do I actually have to tell this person? Lots of unknowns are scary and impossible to answer on your own. So we’re here to answer some of your questions about who OK Morale is and what we do. Anything we missed? Contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

So let’s get started, shall we?

1. Who’s behind OK Morale Coaching?

My name is Kathy and I’m the social guru behind OK Morale Coaching. More than likely, I’ll be writing most of the content you’ll see here. However, I’ll also bring in Kelly’s wise words as much as I can because he really does have the goods. 

And who’s Kelly? Kelly is the coach here at OK Morale. And he’s just not any coach, he’s spectacular. Kelly truly has a gift in listening and understanding people. I know this because he’s my coach, but he’s also been “in the business” so to speak for over 20 years. We started OK Morale because, honestly, Kelly was coaching friends, family, and sometimes even strangers for FREE. He’s generous that way. After one conversation, people’s lives were for the better. But after I personally made significant life jumps in less than a year due to his coaching, I told him “IT’S TIME.”

And, I can tell you we both have the same commitment to people, and to the world – We want you to be free to be YOU.

2. When thinking about a coach, we’re here to help you find your way.

We’re here to create a place where you can ask the tough (and maybe embarrassing) questions, all for you to achieve success. And “success” is what YOU define it to be. There’s no judgment here; only support and guidance.

As this blog grows, I’ll tell you about my personal experiences with coaching. You’ll get an idea of how OK Morale Coaching works and my stories may give you a different perspective. In the past, I’ve been a coach, have been coached and have been in therapy. All three are quite different in focus and my explanations will hopefully give you some insight on how to move forward.

You’ll also get life and performance tips and recommendations from Kelly. Sometimes other coaches and clients will share their tips as well. If you haven’t already figured it out, it’s all about connection here at OK Morale.

However, from experience, we think you’re going to need support while you take those first steps. You can get support from this blog, our social posts or asking questions. It’s your choice.

3. How do I get support from a Coach?

And how do you get support? Well, you’ll need a guide (that’s us!) and a roadmap (this blog!) to get you started on your journey to success and ultimately feeling OK.


  • Because it’ll help you avoid making basic mistakes that cause
  • Because it’ll give you some practical steps to take so you don’t
    give up before you start
  • Because it’ll let you get rid of your doubts and lead you to
    amazing results, even with your first free coaching call with Kelly (and yes,
    this has happened)

4. Where should I begin?

We recommend giving us a call or shooting us a quick email so we can connect with you. Kelly will let you know immediately if coaching is the best fit for you. If not, we have resources to continue to move you forward. Remember: OK Morale’s promise is to create freedom for you and your life. Whether it’s us or someone else, we’re committed that you have the BEST life possible – however you choose to get there.

If you’re still thinking about a life coach but aren’t ready to take the leap yet, we’d love it if you’d subscribe to this blog and follow us on social.

No matter what you choose, thank you for reading our blog and we hope you feel welcomed and taken care of here. These may just be words you’re reading right now, but as you get to know us, whatever words we do choose to write or say are all directed to have you feel at home, loved and truly OK.

Talk to you soon!

Kathy G