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Is Life Coaching Right For Me?

You’ve probably seen the term “Life Coach” recently but have no idea what a Life Coach really is. If you don’t know what a Life Coach is, then why use one? Keep reading to find out if OK Morale Life Coaching is right for you and some reasons why Coaching is a great option.

Reason #1: Another “tool” in your toolbox

Over many years, therapy has become increasingly popular when, in the beginning, it was viewed as a negative or an indicator that something was wrong with someone. Therapy is now seen as a “tool.” We can use this tool to unravel and resolve different emotional or mental issues that block us from achieving our dreams, or we can use it to create peace within our deepest selves.

Life Coaching, then, is a different “tool” for looking at yourself and working out the kinks and knots in how you approach life. With a Life Coaching tool, you can truly get what you want: A great job, stellar finances, peaceful relationships, a happy family life, peace.

Reason #2: You’re OK; You already have everything you need

At OK Morale, our starting point is that you are OK right where you are. This understanding that you’re OK, in your bones, is a morale and confidence builder like no other. However, just understanding this tidbit is not enough. Work needs to occur to have the understanding you’re OK as something you genuinely create for yourself, daily… even minute by minute. Our work starts from there — assessing what you’d like to tackle in your life and then we get right to work with an action plan to chip away at the obstacles that are between you and what you desire.

We’re sure you may have experienced many areas of life that have left you stumped and seem impossible to solve and move on from. We, at OK Morale, are master puzzle solvers. We help you see things from a few different angles so that the ominous specter that holds you hostage is just a scenario that needs perspective and a shift in your resolve.

Our belief is that you have everything you need to achieve your goals — when you believe you need something else or you’re lacking, this is a serious handicap to constructively building your life the way you want it. Your perspective is everything. An “incorrect” perspective doesn’t mean there’s anything lacking in you, though… it only means you’re looking in a direction that doesn’t allow you to see what you need to solve your problems. It’s that simple.

Reason #3: Life Coaches are perfect when life gets tough

Life is not easy. Even with therapy or Life Coaching, it’s not easy. Life is beautiful, though, and we have tremendous difficulty seeing that beauty when we’re relating to ourselves or circumstances as impossible. “Not easy” doesn’t mean “impossible,” but we all have things we’re dealing with that literally seem impossible to resolve.

OK Morale is here for the difference we can make in people’s lives. Our goal is to positively touch as many people as possible so Life Coaching will become as cherished as therapy is today. We’ll work with you and show you that what you think is impossible is not that at all. Through work on ourselves and other clients, we’ve seen, firsthand, how Life Coaching can literally produce what some would consider miracles. And if there’s one thing people need right now it’s miracles.

Reason #4: Life Coaches Understand The Ebb and Flow of Life

Life Coaching is a fresh approach to helping you solve a problem. We understand that life isn’t linear. You may need us for a month and not the next. There’s no waiting weeks or months for an appointment, no worrying if someone will call you back, no concern if someone will understand you. Our promise to you is that we’ll be here to talk within 1 day, including weekends. If for some reason one of our coaches doesn’t have a block of time within 24 hours, we’ll still get back to you to see if you’re available before or after our regularly scheduled times. You and your Coach can also discuss other ways to connect, whether that’s phone, email or video conference.


Reason #5: Life Coaches are available on your time

Due to our unique offerings and commitment to being available to you on your time, we’ve found that our clients meet goals quicker, and in less time, than traditional therapy. Life Coaching is no longer only available to top business executives. Today, it’s quickly becoming the top choice for guidance and help.

If you’re unsure about Life Coaching or what it could do to help you, you’re welcome to contact us to find out who we are and what we do. And, we won’t charge you to just speak with us. After our initial conversation, we’ll then look at how our work together could benefit you and we’ll talk more about what Life Coaching is. If you’d like more information, we can discuss a variety of different options that works with your schedule and poc

Contact us today for your free call to discuss your questions or if you have an immediate situation you need to remedy. No issue is too small or large. We’re here ready to help.

And remember: Everything is always OK.

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